Pamela Des Barres Rock Tour
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Rock Out Spring Tour May 4th, 2014!

Laurel Canyon Store, LA, photo courtesy John Sequeira

The next fantastic Rock Tour rolls around on May 4th, 2014! To get your tix now, click here.

I was delighted to have a brief segment of my rock tour featured on Eye on LA last year on local KABC. Here’s a review of the show. Check out the details on ABC7’s Eye on LA blog.

Come hang out with me and a passel of music loving groovers while my friendly, knowledgeable chauffeur, the peppy Kip Brown, drives our big ol’ van all over Hollywood and Laurel Canyon. I’ll take you to the former Lizard King’s pad, the site of Frank Zappa’s log cabin, my old haunts and clubs and party places, dish you with LA lore, read from my books and answer all your burning hot questions about the slay day of rock & roll! We meet in front of Amoeba Records on Sunset and whizz through town having a blast!

Want to know what they’re like? Here’s a rave from a happy tour-taker:

I had an amazing day yesterday! Got up way to early and drove the 6 hours to LA from Phoeinix to do my second Pamela’s Rock n Roll Tour. I meet Rosie, Amber and Gemma at Ameoba where Pamela picked us up and we were off for an amazing day of interesting tales of Pamela’s fascinating past. She tells of her experiences with the likes of Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, Chirs Hillman and Graham Parsons to name a few. She takes you to the places where she met and hung out with some of music’s best.

Even though I had done the tour before, it was still all new. Some of the highlights were being able to go into Jim Morrison’s house in Laurel Canyon and meeting Miss Mercy, who is a fascinating person also. I could spend hours listening to the stories of these two amazing women!! Unfortunally I had a six hour drive ahead of me and I had to say good bye until the next time. It was well worth getting up early and drving the 6 hours there and 6 back.!!!! — Teresa Horton


  1. Pamela, I would absolutely love to go on one of your tours and hear your stories. How cool!! I hope you don’t mind, but I reblogged your upcoming event on Jim Morrison Project.

  2. Are you comeing to chicago when you did the groupie story you skip a few chicago girls I know led zepp to and we are the acdc woman and deff leopard and deep purple and I would like for you to help me write a book on what I no about the road in acdc they would have this thing where they would pull up to the truck stop and send girls to pick up coffee they would call it to coffees to go they would send them to get the coffee and then go and leave them there I have a lot of stories if you could help me write my book and I would like for you to be in it I can back this up iam not lieing to you I live down town chicago my phone number is 312-659-6782 would love to here from you

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