Pamela Des Barres Toronto Workshop 2012
Photo by Lisa McDonald of Live Music Head

NYC Writers’ Workshop June 15-16, 2014!

JUNE 1/2014 UPDATE:  The workshop is fully booked!  Please check back soon for more dates.


313 W 92nd St #2
Btwn Riverside and West End Avenue

1-2-3 train 96th St Stop

Here at home and when I travel around the globe for my writing workshops, I get all buzzy when a new class begins. I know from over 12 years of experience that the dolls who show up to write from their sweet hearts are kindred spirits, ready to open up and soar! Not to mention laugh, cry, crack up and come to amazing (and sometimes surprising) realizations. The women in class usually become very close friends, especially after 8 weeks of revelatory expression! I LOVE my “dolls,” — each one courageous, precious, darling, beloved angels to me! Come to class and discover more of who you REALLY are!


Pamela Des Barres Toronto Workshop 2012
Photo by Lisa McDonald of Live Music Head


Check out these latest raves from some Austin dolls!

It’s time to write that down.

Slide a white-gloved finger across the soul of one of Miz Pamela’s writing groups and it comes up covered in honey.

If you’ve started to suspect who you are or you already know and have stopped apologizing, It’s time to write that down.

Bring your open mind. Bring the girl you were at age 9. Bring the liner notes you memorized from your favorite music in junior high. Bring  the sheets — or a section of carpeting from the floor of the van where you lost your virginity.
Come ready to describe your details.

Don’t say you can’t write, if you’re reading this, you know you could’ve written it yourself.

— Kris from Austin
Back rub for my mind

I moved probably 10 times between the ages of 16 to 36 and never got rid of the journals I’d kept from elementary school through college age. I did that because they were important to who I am.

Why did I stop writing? Life got in the way.

Then one day I was nearly shoved into Pamela Des Barres writing group and I knew I would hate it while also sucking at it and leave feeling ashamed.

Almost a decade later, I’ve attended as many of these sessions as were offered in my city and written a solid bridge back to the girl I was.

It’s a back rub for my mind. It’s hard and delicious and funny. It’s like a summer camp without a list of items your mom has to label with your last name.

You can make your name up! I call myself Cliche Guevara and another attendee wants to be known as CoCo Dependent.
Come and see.

— Cliche Guevara, Austin

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  1. Looking forward to connect with you Pamela and the NY Dolls! See you all soon :)

    Vel xo

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