Rocking Holiday Rock Tour! Next Tour Rolls Dec 9

Rocking Holiday Rock Tour! Next Tour Rolls Dec 9

Laurel Canyon Store, LA, photo by John SequeiraLaurel Canyon Store, LA, photo by John Sequeira

I’ve scheduled the next Rock Tour for December 9! You know your inner rock fan wants to celebrate. To get your tix now, click here.

A brief segment of my rock tour was recently featured on Eye on LA on local KABC! Check it out:

Come hang out with me and a passel of music loving groovers while my friendly, knowledgeable chauffeur, the peppy Kip Brown, drives our big ol’ van all over Hollywood and Laurel Canyon. I’ll take you to the former Lizard King’s pad, the site of Frank Zappa’s log cabin, my old haunts and clubs and party places, dish you with LA lore, read from my books and answer all your burning hot questions about the slayday of rock & roll! We meet in front of Amoeba Records on Sunset and whizz through town having a blast!

Want to know what they’re like? Here’s a rave from a happy tour-taker:

I had an amazing day yesterday!  Got up way to early and drove the 6 hours to LA from Phoeinix to do my second Pamela’s Rock n Roll Tour.  I meet Rosie, Amber and Gemma at Ameoba where Pamela picked us up and we were off for an amazing day of interesting tales of Pamela’s fascinating past.  She tells of her experiences with the likes of Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, Chirs Hillman and Graham Parsons to name a few. She takes you to the places where she met and hung out with some of music’s best.

Even though I had done the tour before, it was still all new. Some of the highlights were being able to go into Jim Morrison’s house in Laurel Canyon and meeting Miss Mercy, who is a fascinating person also.  I could spend hours listening to the stories of these two amazing women!!  Unfortunally I had a six hour drive ahead of me and I had to say good bye until the next time.  It was well worth getting up early and drving the 6 hours there and 6 back.!!!!  — Teresa Horton


  1. Nice shop!
    I want to ask an easy question.
    This shop was from Pamela Susan Courson who was the woman of Jim Douglas Morrison?
    I think is the same shop.
    Huges from Jordania.
    I waiting by the answer.

  2. Zappa, by contrast, was only into one of those things. He had been curious enough to watch while Ray Collins dropped acid, and not impressed enough to try it himself. Zappa’s only known drug foray, smoking 10 joints in one sitting, just left him with a sore throat, he said. And he certainly didn’t like rock’n’roll.

  3. Gelene Weiner

    Is there a mailing list for your next Rock and Roll tour? Would love to join. I grew up in Reseda too. Where did you go to High School? Thanks, Gelene

  4. Is it really fully booked? Or are those two seats still available? If so, I’ll take them…..

  5. Very tempted, Miss P…..probably have to miss this time, but please tell us you’ll be doing this again in the future??

  6. Lesley Poling

    Hi, Pamela! 3 of my friends and I want to go on the Rock Tour the 16th! How do I purchase tickets? We can’t wait to get a the juicy details firsthand!!! Xo Lesley

  7. Alexander Roberts

    How much is the tour? Are guys allowed?

    • Of course guys are allowed! I have entertained many fellows on this fab Rock Tour!Cost is $120 for the day! Next tour is set for September 16! Sign up now, bring pals!XXX Miss P

      • Lesley Poling

        Hi Pamela! How do I sign up? 3 of my friends and I want to take the tour Sept. 16th! Are we too late to sign up? Thanks so much! Lesley P.

        • Oh it’s beautiful! I wish I had a bunch of tall ones, but I don’t :( I have a bunch of short sveehls and then some built in ledges on my wall. It would be kind of nice to have my books all in one place. Thanks for sharing!

  8. di moulden

    Hi Pamela, we will be in la 16+17th aug have you tours available on these dates -hope so ! Many thanks,Di (NZ)

  9. In less than a year I will finally reside in California (hopefully LA area). And if you’re still holding these tours, I WILL BE THERE!

    P.S. I love your books. I just read Let’s Spend the Night Together.

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