Music is my life! Here’s what to see next …

Music is my life! Here’s what to see next …

Jeremy LittleJeremy Little, photo by Bliss Bowen

Groupie is a GOOD WORD and I have spent many years attempting to reclaim it from the envious folks who’ve tried to turn it into something sordid and shameful. A groupie is a music lover who wants to be close to the people who make that damn fine music that makes them feel so damn good! I am never far from a venue be it backstage at the Hollywood Bowl or dancing my boots off in an Austin honky-tonk!

I’ve been giving excellent house concerts for my beloved musician pals, including Mike Stinson (forever sigh) Jake La Botz, my fave young band Nightmare & the Cat, and most recently, the charming Jeremy Little. You know I’ve got my Bruce Springsteen tickets in my hot little hands, counting the days to sway in front of the boss! I never miss Dylan, WIllie, Merle, Todd Snider, Mike, Jake, Lucinda WIlliams, James Intveld, Rhett Miller, and anytime Jack White steps onto a stage I am front and center!


  1. Hi Pamela~
    Me again, Kat in Jersey, would it ever interest you to atttend the AMA’s in Nashville in September? You would be an awesome panelist and I have a huge IN with the decision makers of this event…

    I’d also like to attend one of your writing seminars in NYC…let’s connect someday soon,

    Yours in Music,

    • I’d love that! WHat kind of panel? I would have to be flown in and put up! 😉
      NYC July class is almost full. You can sign up here…

  2. Jack White is to die for!! :)

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