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    1. hello Pamela iam trying to contack you because I have great groupie stories to share with you and cant pay for the workshop right now as I lost everything and iam broke at this point I will have the money in oct I have some wild road stories with some of my bands from years ago real stories deep purple and rainbow acdc furs just to name a few and I do know the great led zeppelin as well bad company I just cant paid right now is there any way we can get together at a star bucks down town we know each other and do know plaster caster as well from years ago here in Chicago time is drawing near you will be here soon realy want to contack with you to share my road stories you will love these please call me at 312-835-7096

    2. brenda dickens

      would love to come to the workshop here in Chicago but I lost a family member and my job and staying with friends now as I also lost my apartment in down town Chicago I know Pamela from years ago led zeppelin days I know a lot of the bands deep purple and furs acdc dio and ufo just name a few I have great stories that she would love to hear I have been trying to get back in touch with her for a long time but did not know how to do this I also know the great plaster caster as well I have always wanted to write about my life but did not have any help and I love the name groupie I don’t want anything for free right now I cant afford this as iam looking for my new apartment I want to meet up with pam and get connected again I have great stories for her I know she would want to hear what I have to tell her please help me connect with pam again thank you so much would love to see Cynthia again to I live in the gold coast hope you can help me iam trying to email pam but its not going through cant wait until we meet again in Chicago to talk about old times and catch up your long lost groupie friend brenda

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