By the great Baron Wolman, who took lots of GTOs photos. He shot us for the Rolling Stone centerfold February ’69. Here Miss Lucy had already taken a powder. I sure loved my feather boas. has launched!

I’m so excited to share my latest project with you… is open and ready for business!  Shop for tees or in my Vintage Closet.  And don’t miss out on my blog!

​Groupie – noun group·ie \ˈgrü-pē

: member of a community who seeks like-minded thinkers and devotees
: person who goes after what they want with unparalleled passion, devolution and determination
: a free-spirited muse and source of inspiration

GroupieU is more than a fashion & lifestyle brand… it is our way of changing the world through the clothes we wear and the community we build. Empowerment, creativity and freedom… these are the ideas we represent with each design.

GroupieU designs are inspired by vintage Rock & Roll fashion AND our own personal muse – fashion icon, respected writer, advocate and the world’s most famous Groupie, Pamela Des Barres.

Our Tees are bold, sexy and even sometimes naughty, and they promote GroupieU’s Girl Power message with a healthy dose of sexy Rock & Roll attitude. In the words of Miss Pamela, “be true to yourself, live your life and screw anyone who doesn’t like it!” Visit often to purchase new product offering. Enjoy our lifestyle blogs on fashion, music and provocative issues of interest to you; and share your own stories and even your videos, with amazing women like yourself. GroupieU is here for U.

So, come to GroupieU and let the world see who U are, by the clothes U wear.

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