Full Video of Miss P’s Q&A in Toronto!

Full Video of Miss P’s Q&A in Toronto!


On November 19, 2013, Pamela Des Barres came to Toronto for the second time this year to lead her whimsically wonderful writing workshop (Click here for upcoming events!).  I’ve been fortunate enough to attend both workshops this year and I cannot speak highly enough of this experience.

As a young writer attempting to compose her first novel, fear, self-doubt and guilt are emotions I feel on a daily basis as I struggle to put my words onto paper.  It never feels like enough and it leaves me questioning my own skills and chosen career path.

Enter Miss Pamela Des Barres and her workshops.

Finally, a space to be surrounded by other female writers where we can express the depths of our soul!  When Pamela gives you an assignment, you listen.  And, you write.  You write your heart out.  The ‘dolls’ rally around you as you read the words you composed and whether you need a hug or a laugh, these girls are ready to jump in and take action.

When I started working on this website, I admit I was sceptical of just how amazing a little workshop could be.  I doubted that the spirit of the 60s and the G.T.O’s was still alive but I am happy to report that I was terribly wrong.  The power of ‘groupie girls’ is ALIVE and it is on fire, as long as WE keep it burning!

Sign up for one of Miss P’s workshops today and let your world be rocked!


Click here to view the reading of “I’m With The Band” and Q&A with Miss Pamela Des Barres in Toronto, Ontario!

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  1. Pam being her usual lovely self 😀

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